Company Sustainability

Sustainability is entrenched in the values of the company and is the absolute foundation for long – term company success .

The core of the sustainability strategy is based on the following vision :  “ ESI Appliance Services ( hereafter ESI ) pursues the most sustainable solutions in all aspects of the companies conduct and aspirations ! ”. Our vision is segregated into specific strategic objectives measured and managed by the companies executive team . In addition to these important management objectives, comprehensive objectives exist for the areas of “products and services”, “supply chain and employees and the community ”. The sustainability strategy is an integral part of the corporate strategy and is also intended to serve as a model for all employees in their daily activities.

ESI’s sustainability strategy is monitored and reviewed on a formal  basis to ensure that the company meets its sustainability aspirations and obligations . This approach also ensures that ESI recognises and incorporates important social developments at an early stage.

In pursuit of delivering the companies sustainability strategy in an effective and coordinated manner, it is necessary to involve all relevant departments such as Sales , Servicing , Administration Purchasing and Logistics. Commencing in the business year of 2020, these departments have created their own guidelines and programmes that contribute to the important management objectives. In these programmes our different departments set their own priorities for implementing the sustainability strategy.

Measurement of delivery of these sustainability objectives remains paramount and paves the way for ongoing improvement in all areas of the company .

Our long held philosophy that our biggest asset is our “ People “ is another cornerstone of company policy and manifests in all company planning and policy setting .

ESI is also committed to a focus on the environment and activity engages with all aspects of this when considering company policy .

Sustainability management remains a guiding principle, risk management policies form part of this important process . The company reviews all risks and its negative effects that its business activities may have on society and the environment . The company maintains an awareness on appropriate preventative actions that reinforce its sustainability philosophy .

ESI focuses on occupational safety and health  , climate protection and conservation of resources incorporating appropriate compliance management .

Sustainability is ultimately the responsibility of the Executive Board. The Board sets policy and strategic direction . The managers and staff are responsible for working out the details of the sustainability strategy and coordinates its activities closely with the board . Reviewing procedures , implementation and measuring performance are critical elements to achieving the companies sustainability objectives .

ESI challenges its own performance and where possible analyses performance against international criteria . This includes the goal set on international climate policy of limiting warming to less than accepted target data ie 2° C above pre-industrial temperatures .

ESI is committed to the objective of limiting the rise in global warming to two degrees, and will play its part to achieve this . The company focuses on longevity , energy and resource efficiency.

ESI has committed to carry out a climate impact assessment annually this assessment will consider the effects of climate change on the company’s business activities and the economic consequences that it may create .