Refurbished/Second Hand

Buy Refurbished Second-Hand Home Appliances

ESI Appliance Services represents many of the well-known whiteware brands in New Zealand and can provide a competitive price and solution for models that have been refurbished or returned – as near to new as possible. We have many options available in many leading brands within all home appliance categories.

What is a refurbished appliance?

Usually, refurbished products are items that wouldn’t otherwise be sold as brand new, for a variety of reasons. They could be factory seconds, used for display or at trade shows, end of line, overstocked goods or customer returns.  Factory refurbished products may come with minor blemishes, although this is not always the case with ESI’s stock. 

We buy only the best quality and condition factory refurbished goods and pass on the best quality and savings to our customers. All second-hand and factory refurbished products we sell have been cleaned, quality checked and tested. They are tagged and tested as required by New Zealand law, fully operational, and come with a 12-month parts and labour warranty unless otherwise stated.

We have several different brands, models and categories available, including:

Examples of brands we stock:

Please contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements and we’ll find a solution to best suits your needs. As our refurbished appliances are sold continually, we apologise if the model you have chosen has been sold prior to confirming your choice.