Service Agreements

Keeping your Appliances in Top Shape

Benefits of having an Annual Service Agreement are:

We manage your appliance care – your different appliances maintenance schedule will be managed by us; we will contact you and make the arrangements for maintenance visits as planned.

Our maintenance program for your appliances will mean a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach.

Longer appliance life – it is factually proven that regular maintenance extends the working life of your appliances.

Anecdotally proven regular maintenance will extend the life of your appliances.

Better appliance performance –it is proven that regular maintenance maintains the integrity of your appliance’s performance.

Your appliance will operate in both a more effective and efficient manner because of our regular maintenance program.

Less financial cost as you will enjoy improved economy and effectiveness.

A well-maintained appliance uses less power and / or less water.

Your appliances will always look better, we will clean your appliances and make sure they will look ascetically pleasing and be better cared for.

This agreement provides for a free call out each year.

Easy monthly payments remove the difficulty of handling large one-off invoices.

Your Annual Service Agreement options


White Glove Service


White Glove Service

Feel free to contact our friendly customer service team for more information.